What is the Best Gaming Headset for the Money??

I am in need of a good gaming headset. I am moving into a new apartment soon and can not really have my speakers as loud as I would like :non:

I am just looking for the best quality for the best price. Most Bang for the Buck you could say. I run a Soundblaster X-treme Gamer card. I play 1st person shooters online mostly, so bass is important to me.(footsteps and such)

I appreciate any input.

Thanks for Looking!!! :hello:
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  1. Fatality Headset. Some goes from $50 up to $100.
  2. I haven't seen any good reviews on the Fatality headset. The price is alright, 41$ on the egg. I am looking at some SENNHEISER HD555's. No Mic though...
  3. Well, i got me a Logitech from Radioshack for around 59 dollars. The best one they got. It works very well and can hear foot steps in games from far distance. You should check it up.
  4. I use the HPA2 by Turtle Beach.


    I'm in an apartment, love to game, gotta have the base and I use voice-coms in every game. These things support 7.1 surround for movies and games. Awesome product (imo). But they do cost round $100.00

    Been using this for about a year now. Zero complaints thus far.
  5. Honestly, may not sound like much to you, but there is a store near me called ALCO, they had a deal where you could get a set of coby over the ear style headphones and earbuds for 10 bucks. A little short on the cash, but wanted something for my games than the standard walmart special. These are actually very good for 10 bucks. No noise canceling, just basic cover the ear headphones. I've been playing call of duty 4 and these are great, decent bass, good effects. Something to look into.
  6. I got a pair of these one year ago and they survived the abuses of the first year of college! They sound great and are not overly expensive. Very solid headphones!:

  7. i can vouch for the fatality headset , ideal for games , if musics more your thing then theres much more expensive options , but for comfort and bass + the price you cant go wrong with them
  8. The thread LIVES!!!!
  9. http://astrogaming.com/products/detail/3/A40_Audio_System/

    I'm getting those for my birthday, they're expensive but all the reviews say they're worth it.
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