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Hey guys, i have a Canon Power Shot A1000

I have Two 8 GB Memory cards, one is junk and the other i JUST tried is a Kingston level 6 or whatever they call that.

I recorded 30 straight minutes of video, and it won't transfer
the whole reason i bought a kingston level 6 card is because on my other 8 GB i had video on there...only 1.5 GB files, that wouldn't transfer...even tho i can view them on the card.

So i'm still having this problem.
My computer is good, 2.67 Dual Core Intel with 2 GB RAM

What's the problem?
is it some known thing that you should not take 30 straight min of video on a digital camera..and i didn't know? or what's the deal?

Any help is very appreciated.

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  1. Let's hope someone comes along with a definitive answer. In the meantime, how did you try to transfer the file? Did you try using a card reader?
  2. No, i just plugged it in and used the software it came with, as well as just going to the drive itself once i plugged it in and try ans copy and paste.

    What is a card reader? can you direct me to one please?
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