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I have been trying to figure out why my Zen will not show all the album art i have for multiple albums. i have everything in separate folders, but it still only shows one album cover for each album. anyone having this problem or know how to fix it? please.
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  1. hey - me too!

    I cant get ANY artwork??

    let me know if you hear anything!

  2. i have creative zen vision m. and the album art feature of the player, and other creative players, ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. it is really annoying. i used to have the same problem: one album art for all albums on the player. one way to fix this is to delete all songs, download media monkey, add album art to your tracks using media monkey and then transfer your music to your player with wmp or zen explorer or any other program.

    Make sure to be consistent with what program you use to transfer cuz switching between programs, can also cause problems (as it did for me).

    yes this is really hectic, especially if you have many songs. what you could also do is try to use an auto tagging prog. iv tried a few, however they dont change tags/arts once a song has already been transfered.

    i would also recommend not having any album art at all. to do this, make sure no song has album art before you transfer.

    oh this is a really common problem.

    have fun messing around.
  3. i forgot to add one more thing.

    if you want to delete all your album art:

    open my computer>my zen> albums. delete all alb files.

    then open my computer>my zen>music. again, delete all alb files in this folder also.

    peace V
  4. Here's what worked for me:
    rip CD with Itunes for AAC quality, any other program for MP3
    MediaMonkey adds album art via autotag from web
    Zen Media Explorer to Add media; this will automatically add the picture in .alb format which is needed to display it on the Zen

    Took me a full afternoon but it works now. :??:
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