No Sound Help!

i just got a new case <A HREF="" target="_new">this one</A>

the only thing that have been changed is the case/PSU, and a new 9800 pro, everthing else in there is the same stuff as before, which all worked before i did the upgrade.

Windows boots up fine, and everthing works execpt for no sound. I'm using the onboard audio, this may problems are probablt due to me not wiring up the case to the mobo properly.

the case comes with no instructions, on how to attach the mobo to the case the front headphone/Mic ports are not wired correctly.

my mobo is <A HREF="" target="_new">an Elite Groups L7VMM</A>

my mobo's manual say:

i have found the SPK1 bit fine, but my case doesn't have the cables specified above. it has cables labeled:

Mic VV
Mic Data
2x cables labed: Ear Left
2x cables labed: Ear Right

the cables from the fount speaker/mic ports appear the be bundled together, i have no idea where to play what anyone have any ideas?

even with these problems i cannot see why this would stop the sound working from round the back. (my front USBs don't work but the back work fine). i have tried upadting my Mobo Drivers to no avail.

anyone have any suggestions?

right now i'd just settle for the sound just working from round the back (i can live without the front audio port).

My Specs:
Elitegroups L7VMM
AlthonXP 2100+
512Mb Ram
Radeon 9800 pro
Windows XP.
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  1. That plug is not for front audio. It is for a case PC Speaker. You know, one of those little things that beeps like crazy if you didn't plug in the video card right or something :)
    There dont appear to be any pinouts on that mobo for front audio. At least I'm not seeing them in any of the pics. It would be 2 rows of pins and you would plug them in like this: <A HREF="" target="_new">Headphone/Mic</A>

    If there are pins for that on your mobo make sure there are jumpers across the "BL-OUT-L, L-OUT-L" and "BL-OUT-R, L-OUT-R" pins. You need those or the front audio connected to get audio out the back plugs.

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  2. Hey, that board is so low-end it actually makes the onboard audio look like the best part! Most boards that old don't have a header for front panel audio.

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  3. thanks for the help, according to my mobo manual there are ports for front audio on my mobo, and insturctions for installation are given.

    if i were to connect them up correctly tonigh would this solve the problem, given that i can't get any sound out of the port on the back of the mobo?

    or would i be best off getting a cheap sound card as a replacemnt.

    ie is not having the front audio connected likely to stop the onboard sound from working.
  4. If you do have pins for it (and there arn't any jumpers on them) having the front audio disconnected would make the rear plugins not work.

    Have you checked the bios to make sure the sound card is enabled? :)

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