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Recently I have been in the market for a new, larger, and wide screen monitor. I was really considering a 22" LCD like the 226BW from samsung, but I came across a GDM-FW900 24" wide screen CRT, its pick up only and in my area. It is cheaper, and for me more appealing because it is CRT. I don't care about size, weight, or if its powered by an on board generator that runs off kitten blood. But I do care about lifespan. How long can I expect this thing to last if it has been reasonably taken care of since its original purchase? Last thing I am curious about DVI vs VGA, is it a night and day difference?

Yay or Nay?

Link to auction:

Thanks for the input.
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  1. That's piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimp, go get it.
  2. That is probably the best monitor ever made! It makes LCDs look pathetic in comparisson. I would definetely go for it as long as there are no scratches on the anti glare coating of the glass. Depending on use a high quality Sony CRT should last north of 10 years.
  3. I service, calibrate and adjust all Sony GDM, CPD and SDM line of monitors, and I can tell you with certainty that the Sony CRT GDM line of monitors produced after 2000, such as the GDM-C520, GDM-F520 and GDM-FW900, and the Sony CPD-G520P are the very best monitors Sony ever made.

    The CRT can last for a very long time if you do the following:

    A) Power down the monitor when is not in use! That means turn the power botton OFF...
    B) Do not abuse the degauss feature.
    C) Do not place any magnetic devices or electromagnetic devices around the CRT tube.
    D) Perform a hardware calibration on the monitor at least once a year. Hardware calibration is the Sony factorycalibration which involved factory adjustments such as white point balance, G2, convergence/geometry, brigness/contrast, and others.
    E) Last but not least: use a high grade cleaning system to clean the screen, and avoid any abrasives or solvents, as they may damage the anti-glare film. Use a cleaning chamois-cloth instead of wipes.

    Do this, and the monitor will last you for a very long time. I have some units that were manufactured in 2000, which still look as bright and clear as the day I purchase them.

    Hope this helps....

    Luis G.
    Unkle Vito Powerseller as seen on eBay
  4. Hey! Unklevito! I was actually trying to bring up your ebay pages earlier when peeps were speaking about your services in the HardForum GDM-FW900 thread. I was actually looking into accurateit to nab one, But I heard that you were offering A+ FW900's, any truth to that ^_^. If so, you will definitely have me for future business.
  5. Anytime!

    Just send me an email and let me know when you are ready to make a purchase.

    We do appreciate your business!


    Unkle Vito!
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