Dell studio XPS dead on arrival

I received a Dell studio xps today, plugged everything in, turn on the power, heard crackling noise. The monitor reads- no boot device found! I opened the case and found that one od the slot covers was inside the machine sitting on the motherboard!! Great workmanship there huh? So, im thinking that it either fried the board, the hard drive, or both. I contacted Dell stating to them I want to return this crap and the teck told me he will set up a service call and the teck will bring a new motherboard and hard drive. No surprise there. This will be my last Dell!!

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  1. They're sending somebody to your house to fix it free of charge? I wish HP would do that...instead, I have to call and talk to somebody in mumbai for two and a half hours, and send in my computer only to get it back 2 months later, broken.
  2. It will be your last dell because they're sending a tech to your house to fix it, free of charge without even questioning the problem for 4 hours first?

    Sounds like absolutely top notch customer service to me. That actually makes me more likely to buy from dell in the future if I need a prebuilt for whatever reason. The fact that there was a mistake in construction isn't that bad - it will happen every now and then with every manufacturer. What sets some apart from others is how they respond to the problems, and sending a tech to your house (rather than having you ship the system back) seems like a great way to fix it IMO.
  3. Maybe the reason for them taking care of this is because I've been a repeat customer many times. I am still a bit ticked off that this happened but I will see how this goes when the guy gets here to fix this thing.
    I had a problem with another Dell PC a few years back with a bad video card. They came to my door 3 days after contacting customer support and replaced the motherboard and the video card and I still have this old PC and its in perfect running condition, slow, but working.

    It also may be that I told the teck I wanted to return this machine for a refund. I still can return it as long as it is before the 21 day return is up. I'll just have to wait and see I guess. I will let everyone know how it works out...
  4. I feel for ya!! I went out and bought a studio xps with the i7 920 (2.6g) I saved for it....$1080 bucks Told the wife it was 700 dollars on the credit card she was happy,, (I payed the extra $380 bucks outta my secret savings you know the one inside the fingerhole of your bowling ball you havent used in 10 years) What can I say i Freakin wanted this for myself!!! I drove the 40 mile roundtrip to best buy (what a mistake)and plugged in my new xps and it wouldnt even wink at me. It was Dead.I performed an autopsy on the unit . Cause of death,, Power supply was fried. I was pissed drove back to best buy made them give me a new one,Had them "bump test" it in front of me for free which they said they normally charge for.They also offered to turn it on install their trend micro antivirus and spysweeper for 129 dollars,,, what the hell is that????
    So anyway after the 2 trips 40 miles each way to the best buy to get my treat for myself I finally turn it on and I am happy as a clam for about 30 minutes..Dont get me wrong I got a good computer Its what I wanted.
    Now the deception,,,,,,,,
    I bought a dell because I wanted the dell support..They do come out and fix it or did???????I called dell to register my new xps and was told that since I bought my computer at best buy that they handle all warranty at the best buy store.. So I have to take my computer if it breaks down (I hope it doesnt) within the warranty period to the "Geek Squad" at my local bestbuy where the 18 year old geek that graduated a 6 month course at a probably unaccredited tech school in "Computer Technology 101" is going to tell me it is going to take a week to replace the dvdrw drive or what ever.
    Do yourself a favor and buy your dell directly from dell,,,,, make sure they are covering the warranty
    Sorry for the rant,,,,, Thank you for letting me get this off my chest
    Scott Undheim
  5. That does suck - the only dells I've had (XPS laptops actually) have been directly from dell, and the support was excellent. I would definitely recommend buying direct if they make you go to Best Buy for support if you bought it there.
  6. I got a XPS 730 as a christmas present from my parents, first one of video cards was dead. After getting that replaced the fan controller craped out and all the fans in the system were stuck on 100% (imagine trying to enjoy a game while sitting next too a very very loud vaccum cleaner). The first reaction by dell was too change the mother board, that didnt do crap so, then the fans, still nothing and finally the fan controller. Then all was good intil the second card died a second time, after calling dell they told me that the motherboard was to blame, at this point i had enough and told them to forget it. I bought a gtx 275 to replace the 9800gt s. Seems that dells high end systems dont have the best build quality, strange since iv owned several dell laptops and they are all still working.
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