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Hi everyone,

My question is surrounding installation of windows and how it works. I am a nerd and play quite a bit of games, I have(had) a 120g SSD that I had windows and the smaller stuff on. Then I have a 2tb hdd that I stored all of the large programs on so I could keep the ssd @ around 50% or lower capacity(was told this was important).

Well my SSD seems to have failed, I trouble shooted it through bios and its not recognized even if I swap it with my 2tb hdd that is being recognized. So my question is can I install Windows on my 2tb HDD that already has files on it and be able to access the files just as I previously did when I had windows on my ssd?

Thanks, and let me know if you need clarification!

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  1. U will need to make some empty/partial empty partition (for the os) and some empty space (100mb) for system reserved (w7 x64)..
  2. The files on the HDD will stay intact if you make a new partition and install Windows there, as rdc85 said. However, any installed software will need to be re-installed after you re-install Windows.
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