question about timings

i was just looking at my ram timing in the bios and it seems to set it kinda slow when i put it on auto. i looked it up and it says the settings are 2-3-2-6-1 ont he kingston site

(model KHX3200AK2/1g)

the problem is i dont know what that translates to in the bios settings. i have
CAS# latency (tcl)
Ras# to CAS# delay (trcd)
Min RAS# active time (Tras)
Row Precharge time (trp)

which numbers should be what?

oh ya and also should that ram be at 1T or 2T? its at 1t right now
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  1. CAS# latency (tcl) = 2
    Ras# to CAS# delay (trcd) = 3
    Min RAS# active time (Tras) = 6
    Row Precharge time (trp) = 2

    Set to 1T.
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