DVR that works with CableCard?

I love my CableCard system, eventhough its only unidirectional; the OnScreenTVGuide is great. Yes, I can't record to a DVR from it, but I haven't researched lately. Has anything changed in the HDTV tech world yet that would allow a DVR to record from some sets with CableCard?
The reason I ask is because I'm considering going from the 2006 Toshiba 37 to a 2008 Mitsubishi 46 [1080p, 120 hz]; both are CableCard w/OSTVG.
I'm hoping the next gen of bi-directional CableCard will allow thruput to a DVR.

The lack of clutter of our wall install [power strip, cable output all hidden behind a Sanus 3 way articulating mount makes it look like just a large picture hung on the wall] and the $1.50/month card rental fee is great.

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  1. The bi-directional cable cards are to allow interaction for On Demand type services. It will not affect recording at all. Your TV would need a high def video output to feed a dvr and that is not in the cards so to speak.
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