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HD Swap, now neither comp works

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January 17, 2005 4:19:18 AM

A friend of mine wanted to back up some pictures he had on his HD, only his computer did not have a CD Burner. So I had casually mentioned that he could just swap out hard drives to a computer with a CD burner and burn it and then swap them back.

Now what I was really thinking was make the HD with pictures a slave on the CD Burner system, or do something like that.

He got the bright idea and swapped them, neither computer worked, then he swapped them back, and now neither of them work. Ive only had a chance to work on one of the computers so far. It is a Windows 95 machine (ugh), when I got to his room, it was in safe mode and only in safe mode, the machine freezes at a strange dos like screen prompt when I attempt to boot it into safe mode.

He said he didnt mess with jumpers, he didnt know what a jumper is, so im assume the HD is still set to be master. I tried different IDE cables, both ports on the IDE cable and still nothing. Anyone have any ideas?

Was my original plan viable? Can I just hook up that HD to a computer as a slave drive and pull those pictures off?

Thankyou for any help or suggestions

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January 17, 2005 7:25:20 AM

Yes, I put drives into my system quite often to pull files from them.

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January 17, 2005 7:59:17 PM

Don't assume anything about he jumpers check them.

Boot from a harddrive diagnostic utility and check the drive for defects.

Ask him if windows said there was a problem with the drive after he moved it and prompted him to "fix" it.

These drive's he swapped didn't have his OS partion on them did they?

Maybe the system he tried to move it two attempted to boot from the new drive.