Having trouble with installing RAM

I've built my first computer for my cousin, we had a bunch of snags but I'm still delighted...

But MY problem is that my RDRAM, which has the same specs won't install on my Dell Dimension 8200 (which uses RDRAM) I've tried fitting it in but it just won't move. I can get one side into the deep slot, but the second I try positioning the other one, it shifts outward and the notches in the RAM are no longer inside the deep slot.

Once I put the other side in, the RAM immediately shifts to the edge and pushing it in won't work because it will be pushing on solid edge...the locks are fully open too.

I don't know how to explain it visually, but everything looks as it should be, yet the bottom notches on the RAM itself does not fit into the slot with both sides "in", they are on the edges...
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  1. Somebody? I just realized that my RAM is 18-bit and not the 16-bit stated in my manual, does that make a difference? Hope not...
  2. RIMM modules utilize a 16-bit (or an 18-bit if ECC) memory bus.

    16-bit/18-bit is a 184 pin module.
    You should be able to use either ECC or non ECC on the same board.

    There are also 32-bit rambus modules which have 232 pins.
    I hope you arent confusing the pins.
  3. Hmm, I do have 184-pin, even lined it up. I still don't know why it isn't working.
  4. hmn. Not sure

    push harder...

    and breath.

  5. How many 'U' shaped notches to you see along the bottom gold-plated edge of the module??
  6. Two, same with the slot.
  7. You are using a motherboard that supports RDRAM right?
  8. Maybe your not pushing hard enough.

    Push the modules gradually with force until they snap into place.
  9. If you read the first paragraph you'd know that my computer supports RDRAM.

    Also, why should it be harder to force this new RAM in when I'm able to stick in my old RAM with ease? Resistance? I think not (you may be right).

    I'm gonna look at NewEgg's policy, I don't want $100 down the drain that could be used for more urgent needs.
  10. I have a Dell 8250 that uses RDRAM 16-bit 184 pin NON-ECC. Don't know if this makes a difference, buy I do know that Dell boards don't like just any old RDRAM. You are best to go with what Dell sells or SAMSUNG.


    Dell 8250, i850e 4xAGP 2.4ghzCPU 512mbPC1066RDRAM 120gb & 200gbATA
    GeF4MX420 SBL5.1 SamSung48xCDRW LiteOn851SDVDRW
    RJ-45 to Compaq 9660, 233mhzCPU 104mbFPRAM 12mbVoodoo2 Win95a
  11. You are not trying to use 32bit RIMMS in at 16bit board are you? For god's sake get a DDR board. DDR RAM and a new motherboard will prob still be cheaper than more RDRAM.
  12. The RDRAM is Samsung...

    Also, NewEgg stated that this was 16-bit 184-pin. I don't exactly have the funds to buy a new computer next to the fact that Dell motherboards are propietary...
  13. Well how much did you pay for the RAM? Because 512MB of PC3200 is like £80 in england and an abit IS7 is about £55. I cant even find RDRAM it is so out dated (and horribly expensive). The only prob you might have with installing a new MB on a dell system is with the power supply.
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