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I am looking into getting some new speakers but i'm unsure what to get. i want 5.1 maybe 7.1 depending on the price. I'm using the Soundmax soundcard for the crosshair motherboard. ideally i would like to keep it under £50 but will stretch to £70 depending how good they will be.

any advice would be appreciated

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  1. stick to 5.1 as 7.1 can take up that little bit more room, however being honest the speaker you are going to get are never going to sound great, for games and positioning just pick up a logitech or creative set, just go for the closest to your max budget and i am sure it will be fine.
  2. I picked up this 5.1 set a few months ago and am very happy with it.

    It was $60 US at the local Fry's Electronics. I was also looking at the Logitech X-530 and X-540 at the time, but they were a bit more expensive. The Altec Lansing set also has a really nice remote that allows you to adjust the subwoofer, center speaker, and rear speaker volume separately. One feature I did like about the Logitech speakers was the ability to mount the center speaker on top of an LCD monitor.
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