Logitech's Wireless Ergonomics

We look at Logitech's latest mouse and keyboard to see if their ergonomics and build quality are up to snuff for the price.
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  1. Looks okay apart from the split enter key, never understand this, makes it harder to hit and it's a very important key...!? Also I don't like the way they've re-designed the 'delete, insert, home, etc' area. Could be difficult getting used to it as I've been using standard layout for the last 20 years.
  2. If your keyboard is taking up all of your desk space, you need to invest in a keyboad tray. Desktops are too high for ergonomic typing. Ideally, your forearms should be horizontal when you type. As for the features, it has nothing - including the wave - that my Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 doesn't have. It also lacks the optional reverse angle, which rocks! I don't think that I will be trading.
  3. I also have the ergonomic 4000, and it is far more comfortable than the natural series or that logitech model. Plus, the keys are actually split down the middle, which IMO is better for your wrists because your hands are spread further apart from each other.

    One thing that really bothers me about this logitech keyboard is the delete/insert/pgup/pgdn section. The ergo 4000 was the only board i could find that had the normal 2 rows of three, with home and end in there. IMO thats absolutely necessary, i constantly use all those keys, and having them next to each other makes it very useful for me.

    The mouse bothers me as well, i have a logitech mx518 but this one you reviewed, why would you have back and forth buttons on top of the mouse? it doesn't look like your thumb can reach those. i constantly use my thumb for the back and forth buttons, either in browsing or using explorer, or in games, like the back button enables voice.
  4. Quote:
    made them easier to reach more easily

    this is redundantly redundant is my thinking thought.
  5. nice kith..haha

    Other than the absurdly high price...there isnt much else wrong with the keyboard itself.

    wasd keys are..awkward at best tho for FPS..other than that..gj logi
  6. Why oh why do they need to tinker with the Insert/Delete/etc. keys?! All the good keyboards I've seen lately have this *huge* problem, and there doesn't seem to be any trend to correct it. I've searched my local shops in vain trying to find a decent wireless keyboard with standard keys, and eventually I had to settle to a quite crappy m$ one with horrible keys but at least it has a sane layout. I understand that keyboards need to be "trendy", but can't they make them curved and diamond padded but retain the layout?! Seriously, it's like driving a car with reversed pedals...

    Second, I am a big fan of wireless devices when it comes to the desktop, seeing as it makes everything easier and less cluttered -- I find it very annoying to use wired mice for example. But I really can't see any advantage in having wireless *laptop* devices. First, it adds unnecessary complexity by having more little parts to lose/misplace, second you've got one more battery to worry about -- and you can't just "plug it in over night" like you do with desktop peripherals. As far as comfort goes, the laptop is usually right there in front of you or *on your lap* so the wire would not inconvenience in any way, so what advantage exactly does the wireless thing offer -- aside, again, from the "trendy" factor?
    Oh, and if they *do* make them wireless, why not use the widely available bluetooth standard and go for proprietary crapelnitz, and in the same 2.4ghz spectrum nonetheless?!

    Of well... seeing as keyboards and mice are still our most used input devices, is there any decent manufacturer that actually cares more about usability than trendiness?
  7. Could these be used for gaming on a FPS game... Im looking for something wireless that doesnt have much lag... I want a wireless keyboard and mouse so when its time to use my logitecg g25 steering wheel all i have to do is move my mouse and keyboard and not unplug them....
  8. I'm an owner of Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard 4000 and all I can say it is the most comfortable and fastest typing keyboard I've ever tried and used. I also have an outdated Logitech keyboard that I use for gaming. A non-split keyboard is much better for gaming that a split keyboard so now I must decide what keyboard to buy next Razer Tarantula or Logitech Wave ... any feedback would be appreciated.

  9. I wish both manufacturers and reviewers would realise that not everyone runs MS windows, or wants to install tons of memory and cpu-hogging bloatware on their PC for every device they own.

    The article repeatedly ascribes functionality to the keyboard and mouse such as special keys that launch apps or open web pages but actually its not the device itself doing it at all, its the setpoint utility software. As often as not as long as you have setpoint running it would still make those same keys do that stuff with any old keyboard, but the way this and many similar reviews are written is that its some magic feature of the wave keyboard itself.

    I am one of the vast number of Linux users in the world so keyboards that need utilities or applications installed just to work (and worse still only come with windows-only software) are a big negative in my purchasing decisions.

    Actually many devices such as keyboards work just fine without all that performance and memory-hogging device software installed. Often its only all the hardly-useful novelty features that don't work, so even under windows I don't usually install the CDs that come with devices if I can get away with it.

    Reviewers need to split out thier reviews of the device itself from functionality provided on the (usually windows-only) CD that comes with it. Many of us like to know how good or standardized the device works without the extra software installed, as we prefer to buy devices that don't need all that bloatware just to work. I also wish manufacturers would focus on making devices that don't need extra applications installed and permanently running to just make the device work.
  10. I've been considering buying this particular keyboard, but I have yet to find one that matches the Microsoft 6000 for style and comfort. Its too bad the Microsoft one can't stay connected for a range greater than 2ft.

    The review would be much more helpful if there was a comparison between similar price/function range wireless desktop setups. I'd like to know if 2.4ghz RF reliability is an issue with all wireless products, or just mine.
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