74GB WD Raptor Sale 175.00

Thats right thought id let everyone knoe Newegg is having a oneday only sale on these drive, until 5:30PST
here: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=22-144-160&depa=1

my question, is this the best price youve seem.. i want to get a 10000 rpm drive but i dunno 74gb 175 bucks it seems so steep.. 36gb drive 125... man i really wish i could believe that it was worth it...
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  1. I got mine at www.newegg.com last week for under $180 ($178?) with a $25 WD rebate!

    If you pickup 3 or more they are even cheaper. If I had the money I would get 4 and a RAID 10 card.
  2. i need to use a computer that has a 10k rpm drive so i can see how much faster it would be then mine.. i should of bought it since my drive is making odd noises.. prolly about to fail.

    are there any performace benchmarks pinning the seagate chetah to the WD raptor?
  3. The cheetah is probably faster. SCSI has a slight bandwidth advantage :)

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  4. 73.4 GB Seagate Cheetah 10k RPM Average Read 56.6 MB/s
    74.4 GB Western Digital Raptor 10k RPM Average Read 65.0 MB/s
    73.4 GB Seagate Cheetah 15k RPM Average Read 66.3 MB/s

    RAID 0 2x 74.4 GB Western Digital Raptor 10k RPM Average Read 129.5

    (From HD Tach Library)

    Seagate 15k $540 > Three 74 GB Raptors = $537
    (From Newegg)

    And that doesn't factor in the cost difference between SCSI & SATA controllers.

    SCSI is dead!
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