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I would likje to delete a version of windows so that I can load another on . It is asking that I should delete the existing version proir to installing the other one. When I try , of course it'll say you can not for you ractive on windows
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  1. First of all you don't need to delete one to install the other, there are options for dual booting. Of course all this depends on which versions are involved and how much free space you have on your hard disk,if you can be specific. As for the problem of deleting, i can't see such a issue cropping up unless you are trying to format the partition containing windows from within windows. Otherwise it is fairly simple to boot into the new windows installation and at the time of choosing your partition, simply give the option to format the partition containing the earlier windows. Also there are softwares like Acronis Disk Director Suite that allow you to add,delete,make bootable partitions,etc at boot time.
  2. download The Ultimate Boot CD then boot with it and select the HD tools, Wipe, hit F10 enter erase_all_data at the prompt and hit enter, go have a cup of coffee, you now have a virgin HDD, do what you wish
  3. Necropost!
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