Help to decide between LCD and Plasma


I just wondering if you guys could give me your own opinion with your pros and cons regarding those two screens:

1. Samsung - 46" 1080p 120Hz Flat-Panel LCD HDTV

"I really like Samsung better, but I'm worried about MOTION BLURING and since I'm movie freak that might be an issue. Am i right??"

2. Panasonic - 46" 1080p Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV

In advance thanks for all the comments.
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  1. wow anybody :/
  2. I had the same dilemma but went with the LCD instead so I can connect my PC and not have a separate monitor.

    I guess it's just a matter of what are you going to use it with the most and which area are you willing dish as a trade off.
  3. I have built up two HTPC's, one for the bedroom and one for the living room. I have them connected to Panasonic 1080p Plasmas as my default monitor. Both look stunning My brother connected his to a Toshiba 52' LCD and had overscan problems. I am glad I went with the Panasonic Plamas. I could not be happier. I would recommend Panasonic Plama over any LCD. You will not be disappointed.
  4. LCD or Plasma? PLASMA, PLASMA, PLASMA! And as far as which one there is only one to buy right now - the Pioneer Kuro 50" (or 60" if you have room for it and can afford it) 5020PD. I spend 2 months researching the same question as you. I looked at everything on the wall at BB and CC and Costco and read ALL the reviews. The ONE set that jumped out was the Pioneer Kuro 50". When I started it was around $3000. I told myself if it ever got down to $2000 (fat chance) I would buy it. Lo and behold last week I found it for $1996.40 with free white glove shipping and NO tax to my state (WA). It arrived in 3 working days, I set it up in just a few minutes and it is SPECTACULAR! Don't believe all the hype about the Panasonic 800/850U's, they are now more expensive anyway by a few bucks. The few reviewers who picked the Panasonic over the Pioneer did so on the basis of cost - that factor is no longer operative. My guess is that the Kuro's will only be around for a while longer, once they're gone they're gone! Next week the DirectTV comes in with HD channels, I'll probably wet myself the first time I view THAT picture. Oh and the new TV plugged right into my old, old, old analog Pioneer 5.1 channel AV receiver for my existing surround sound theatre - although the TV sound is about the best I've ever heard from any TV set! The TV even has a dedicated subwoofer output. AND NO MOTION BLURRING WHATSOEVER!
  5. Depending on your budget and type of room in which the TV will be used, you can go either way.

    LCD are reputedly better in high-luminosity environment because they are brighter (which means the blacks are also grayish) while the plasmas often suffer from glare or poor contrasts.

    The Kuro screen suggested is indeed the best of the plasma screens available now but it does cost a truckton of money vs the alternatives. Chances are, you wouldn't notice a whole lot of difference by going either route. With the price difference, you could afford a nice blueray player or a decent home theater set. It is all a matter of priorities ;)
  6. "LCD's are reputedly better in high-luminosity environment because they are brighter (which means the blacks are also grayish) while the plasmas often suffer from glare or poor contrasts."

    "Reputedly" is the operative word here. The top plasma TV's are just as good, and even better in some cases, than LCD's. The Kuro, e.g., has better contrast (as does the top Panasonic plasma) than the LCD's and little or no glare. I have one sitting right under a skylight and about 12 feet from a big bank of front windows and in daylight it shows little glare.

    Cost? Right now, online, the Kuro is selling for $1928 with free shipping. The equivalent Samsung is about $1650 and the Panasonic is $1900, both with free shipping. The cost difference isn't that much considering the quality of the picture and the features one gets with the Kuro. A side by side comparison with these latter 2 sets reveals that the Kuro has the better picture.
  7. It depends on your purpose. If you are not interested in using as a monitor, you do not play video games and you are way into movies, meaning most of your watching will be done in a dark environment, then go with PLASMA.

    If you want a monitor, play video games, watch TV in the daytime (light environment) or are worried about glare got with an anti-glare LCD. PLASMA also uses up more electricity and burns at a hotter temperature. Higher temps means faster break down. I have the Samsung 650 and it meets my needs perfectly.

    I have never noticed any "motion blurring" with any DVD's or Video games. Of course I am using my PC for those so my graphics card high powered.

    From your post it sounds like you should get a PLASMA, but neither of them is a hands down better technology.

    If PLASMA or LCD were hands down better for everything than there would be no reason for a manufacturer to provide both. It is still a toss up.

    Don't listen to any FANBOI who says one is absolutely better than the other. They were sold by a salesman.
  8. Remember Plasma has a better contrast compared to LCD,Black is blacker and white is whiter,so the colors on plasma are warmer.LCD has more greyish effects.Plasma has a glass plate in front ,if the glass plate breaks you lost a tv(money)But if you have little children and one pokes his finger into your TV you have a glass plate in front ,no damage.Those are my advantages for plasma over LCD.If you make shure you put your TV in the right place there will be no glare effect.
    Hope to help you in your decision!!!!!
  9. Bigmamou, comparing the Kuro (top of the line plasma) vs any random lcd is a bit biased ;)

    I agree that a top quality plasma is going to work just fine but at the same time, LCD are really brighter and slightly less heavy. If I had to buy an HDTV right here right now, I'd take a Kuro 50inch. If I had to wait this summer, I'd get probably a LED-backlight panel like a Vizio.

    The bottom line is that the plasma industry is going down because they couldn't break into the mainstream markets enough to make a good profit. The high-end market was always biased towards plasma but this year, we might see a shift.

    Regardless, I think you should go look at them in a store to see for yourself what it is that you want in a big screen TV. That's a better method than relying on hear-say and internet forums :P
  10. I've been holding for a while for a Pioneer Elite (Kuru) but I'll hold a little more 'till the LED TV comes out to compare with the Kuru. The new Philips looks promising.
  11. rexter said:
    I've been holding for a while for a Pioneer Elite (Kuru) but I'll hold a little more 'till the LED TV comes out to compare with the Kuru. The new Philips looks promising.

    I was waiting around for a price drop on the Elite too, but after reading the news a couple weeks ago, on how Pioneer and Panasonic are dropping their plasma TV lines this month, I ordered the 111FD 50" that day, for $2800. Amazon had it for $3000. About 3 days later I checked again and Amazon's price went up by $700 (where it is still). I think they saw a bunch of fence-sitters like me finally decide to take the plunge on the news, and now they have jacked the price up.

    So far I have only compared it to a Sony XBR4 46" LCD, on Comcast HD broadcasts which are overly compressed anyway, but after watching Lost in HD last night, it seems that the Sony's contrast ratio even in the various cinema modes are more compressed than the Pioneer (much blacker blacks for one thing). I plan on building an HTPC this spring to use with the Pioneer, leaving the Sony for the standalone BD player.

    The XBR8 Sony has the LED backlighting, but I haven't seen one up close yet. Right now the price is too high and I'm sure it'll come down this fall. But what I really would like is a 50" OLED TV - that would probably blow everything else out of the water when perfected. Apparently the blue OLEDs still have a significantly shorter lifespan than the red & green, which is why it's not quite ready for primetime yet.
  12. I have the LCD Samsung 46a750. It has 120hz and does not suffer any blur. It's nice and bright. Plus the giant robot claw attached to the wall that moves the TV this way and that for $200 ($50 more than a regular mount) using the remote that controls the TV is just COOL. I love my new TV.
  13. If you are concerned about motion blurring I went with a Sony Bravia 42" LCD and it is great. I have lots of windows in the room and the picture is still strong.

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