If you would say other please specify which one.

Thanks in advance
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  1. just got a 52" 120hz Samsung 750 series, one of the prettiest pictures i've seen.
  2. To decide this you need to find out who they buy their panels from. Samsung and Panasonic probably don't make LCD panels, they buy from a 3rd party. And the odds are quite good that they buy from the same place, considering these are 2 very good TV manufacturers. Then it'll just come down to which you prefer. As for their reputation, I'd say their about equal. Do Olevia and Samsung buy LCD's from the same place? Very unlikely.
  3. Also, I think 120Hz is a solution looking for a problem. What it fixes is really hard to see. And there's a real price difference there.
  4. THE best picture currently available for not too much more money is the Pioneer Kuro 50" plasma set. Go look at one next to the equivalent Panasonic (the 800/850U's) and Samsung (the PN50A650 set) - NO contest! The Kuro's are now under $2K with no tax (depending on your state) and free white glove delivery. Don't dally, they are selling fast here at the end of the model year and I don't think they will last too much longer! They are FABULOUS units!
  5. Samsung DOES make thier own LCD panels. They are the best on the market right now. Tha panels are kinda expensive so they only use them in the 6 series and up. The panels in the lower series are bought from a cheaper source so they can keep the price down on their entry level tvs.
  6. I have a 52" Samsung 650. I use this LCD as a monitor as well. The 120Hz will be most noticeable for video game use. And I have heard burn-in is getting less and less common with Plasma, but I am not risking it yet, until manufacturers give lifetime warranty against burn-in on a plasma.

    You purpose for the TV plays a big role. Do you need an anti-glare screen? Do you only watch TV in the dark? Is it mostly for movies?

    People are on both sides of the Plasma vs LCD debate. It comes down to what you will primarily use the TV for.
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