Where are the PCI-E RAID cards.

I know sever motherboards use PCI-X rather than PCI-E, and that having a PCI-X product is a no brainer as its backwards compatible with regular PCI.

But you would think that with the invasion of motherbord with multiple PCI-E slots you think that someone would release a RAID controller in that format.

Or have they and I just haven't found one.

I was thinking about getting a nice SATA controller when I upgrade to a PCI-E system, but I wouldn't want to invest in a PCI card.
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  1. I think they are slowly trickling out. All the ones I've seen sofar have been fairly high end for server platforms. I haven't seen any lower end models for regular consumer budgets :)

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  2. I just read an article at some server hardware site.

    They expect the new server motherboards to use a mix of PCI-E and PCI-X, with PCI-X disappearing withing 3 years.

    I guess when the server boards get PCI-E they will start releasing the controller cards.
  3. I saw a RAID controller in PCI-E, but for some god-forsaken reason they made the thing x8. Fortunatly, MSI's board with the x16 and x4 slot (rather than x16 and 4 x1's) has an open end, so an x8 card will fit into the slot with the remaining pathways of the card unused.

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