Hey guys (I hope this is the right place to post this) :)

I'm having this really irritating issue with my pc but let's start from the beginning. Last night everything worked perfectly. This morning I started my pc and did some search on google. Strangely all results were re-directing me to some ad-sites O_o . I read that it might be Google Redirect Virus. So I read some posts about it and people advised to use Norton Power Eraser and so I did. However this really screwed my system upside down. Not only did it delete some files that I knew for fact weren't a virus, it also (I'm presuming) messed around with the comdlg32.dll file. No apps will start (luckily the browser will) as the error message comes up saying "This application failed to start because comctl32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." . Now the Norton did resolve the issue with google virus but did this. I tried running scannow but it would only go up to 8% and then it would stop so I tried scanning a specific file (in this case comdlg) and it did say that system successfully repaired the corrupted file and I should restart the system. After the restart however the problem still exist and I'm back where I started. I have no idea how to fix this so I'm hoping you guys will be able to help out. I think I gave enough information but if you need anything just ask.

Thanks, Bartek!
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  1. I guess the redirect virus was not the only one on your computer. Consider reinstalling windows plus a virus scanner this time.
  2. Yeah I'm considering it just now (was wanting to try any available option as I've spent ages customising system the way it is). However I now stumbled across a major problem. I'm trying to back-up my files from my documents etc etc however when I click paste the window comes up saying "Failed to load DLL comdlg32.dll" . What do I do now? I can't just delete those files :/
  3. Copy the files to another disk? Maybe command prompt still works. Or burn it to a CD?
  4. You can use the CD you used to install windows to boot from and then use the options available there to check the system files.


    You can try applying the most recent service pack, or uninstalling the most recently installed service pack (assuming you left the back files).

    The common dialog (comdlg32.dll) library get updated fairly often.

    As a last ditch effort use the command prompt to copy your files.

    start > run > cmd.exe

    at the prompt use the following command to move around and copy files.

    "dir" to get a listing of files and folders.
    "cd" to change directory (folders)
    "copy", or "xcopy" to copy files.
    "help (command name here)" will also help you.
  5. The windows update wasn't working so couldn't get any updates. I managed to back my files with winrar. A bit of a long way but got there eventually. Just did a fresh install of windows. Fingers crossed something like that won't happen again. Thanks for the tips anyway guys, much appreciate it :)
  6. Just scan the RAR before prevent possible reinfection....
  7. blakwidowrsa said:
    Just scan the RAR before prevent possible reinfection....

    Good shout, thanks! ;)
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