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I need a little help with setting up my Dell 2407 to work with a certain device...a Playstation 3.

Yes, in my infinite wisdom I absolutely forgot that I might need extra wires to connect my PS3 and my monitor (even though I had researched this somewhat before). Now it has arrived and the shiny black thing is sitting on my table, being a tease.

My question: Is there any way to connect the PS3 with the wires that come with it, even if it isn't HD quality. (There are slots for the component wires to go into my monitor, but I've no idea which one goes where, the colors don't match up).

Also: Can someone tell me exactly which wires or adapters I need to buy to get the best quality video from a PS3 on my 2407 (because sources I've found seem to contradict a lot...).

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  1. the quickest way to start using your new PS3 is, as you mentioned, to use the wires it comes with. i believe these are the 1 yellow, 1 white, and 1 red wires. the yellow will plug into the "video" input in the back of your 2407 (right next to the s-video connection), and the red/white plugs go into your speaker setup. this will give you the crappiest video however. to get the "best" outa your PS3 you'll want to buy the HDMI to DVI cable. The HDMI will plug into the back of the console, and the DVI will plug into the DVI input of your 2407. This will give you full 1080p on your 2407 (i believe). You could also go component, but i think this will "only" give you a max resolution of 720p. 720p is usually just fine however, it's up to you.

    EDIT: btw, congrats on the purchase! despite the naysayers i think the PS3 is gonna have some awesome games, and i love blu-ray to boot.
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