Acer aspire 3050 screen not displaying anything ?

Right, i hope someone can help me :/ because its my mums laptop and i promised nothing would happen to it.

I turnt it on for about 10mins, and then it suddenly shut down and said 'Hibernating'

it has a known charging issue, but if we arrange the wires and jiggle the charger around it starts charge the laptop.

So it just shut down and we power it on again, but this time the screen is completely black, but you can hear the machines insides all working, and the power light is lit....

Anyone have any idea on why the screen now isnt displaying anything ?
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  1. damn...... anyone ?
  2. Plug it into an external display and boot it. See what happens.

    Also, you should fix the charger issues ASAP. That can be fatal for a notebook if left unchecked.
  3. okay ill try it on my monitor and reply back later, since i have to go out right now.
  4. Right i plugged my monitor to the laptop booted it up, and you can hear the fans working and machine starting then all of a sudden not one sound is made, and nothing was displayed on the monitor.

    Also, is there anyway of retriving whats on the HDD?
  5. Your HDD information is probably intact, and you can access it by taking it out and inserting it into another computer.

    It does, though, appear that your motherboard is dead. I would try breadboarding the notebook - which is rather difficult to do, but still.
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