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Any 720p 100fps camcorder availble?

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August 22, 2009 3:35:02 AM

Short and direct post: Is there any 720p 100fps camera/camcorder avaible that can work in places where lightning isn't perfect? (more resolution and fps are fine too)

Long but less boring post:

first I must say that I don't know alot about cameras, so don't be rude if what I ask is unrealistic XD.

The situation: My friend and I, like to film our techinque/footwork/whatever when we play badminton. We are currently using a MiniDV camera that I beleive to be 480p@30fps (I can't be sure but he bought it 200$ CAD 2 years ago). It has been of a great usefullness but It would be nice if we could get something better.

I checked some cameras and I couldn't find something reasonable, they were either 24p/60i, which is too low and on the other-end of the spectrum, there were 1000fps+ cameras (don't know resolution, price were way over my budget :na:  ).

Now after all the blabla, here is my question: Is there any 720p 100fps camera/camorder avaible that can work in places where lightning isn't perfect? (more resolution and fps are fine too)

Other thing that could be usefull:
15x or more optical zoom
wide angle (we get wide angle with lens right?)
Budget isn't a consideration now, but of course 650 US$ or lower would be great (around 700$ CAD I guess)


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August 24, 2009 9:04:16 AM

100fps HD camcorder @ around 700$ CAD? None that I can think of. High Speed camera require lots of light period.

24 fps is more than enough on most application let alone 30 fps. My suggestion is you should learn how photography works, exam. Take a closer shot instead and know the how lighting works for your shot and not against you. I gather you use this in the gym so if you have a chance to take it outside when it’s bright then take it. Always use tripod which help stabilized the shot and avoid panning as much as possible. Of course a better camera will definitely help so look for larger size sensor and one with the lowest LUX (Minimum Illumination) picture quality and features next then battery capacity. Check for reviews.

Check the Canon HV20 HD MiniDV Camcorder or the Canon VIXIA HG20 AVCHD
September 22, 2009 11:13:01 AM

Wow really. Very very doubtful, especially for that budget. 720p @ 60fps is incredibly fast and more then enough for fast action recordings. You should really look into it more. 30 fps is a great speed too, but to really push the limit a 60 fps is great. My only concern here is the fact that you wanted one for low light. Fast action recordings (720p @ 60fps) usually need a decent amount of light. So one for low light is a hard camera to find.

Trust me when I say that 720p @ 60fps is more then enough for fast action, unless of course your looking for super slow motion which would need at least 1000fps. But when you half the speed for a 60fps recording, it will still be really smooth @ 30fps.

Hope that helps.