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When I left my previous company they let me have an older computer but never removed my system administrator. They will not help me with this because I no longer work for the company. I want to bypass system administrator and set up a new one I have xp and it wont let me remove it????Help
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  1. You could crack the password with Ophcrack:

    But keep in mind that this only works on semi-weak passwords, otherwise it can take ages.

    You could also use NTPWEdit which will simply overwrite the password SAM file:,56368/userreviews.html
  2. Try to use the net user command. e.g. "net user Administraor 123".
  3. There's an option in computer management named local users and groups..
    from there you can set admin password easily..
    Otherwise using erd commander is an easy way,,
  4. start the computer in safe mode and change it
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