Num lock keypad not working

Brand new HP laptop G6 num lock keypad erratic
all numbers and dot (.) not working. 4 moves curser left, 5 nothing happens, 6 moves curser right, 3 jumps curser down, 7 curser all the way to the left, 8 curser up with each click, 9 moves curser all the way up and all the way to the left to the beginning of this message.
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  1. The manual will tell you witch key you have to press to get the num pad working. You pressed the wrong one and so it's working as a cursor pad.
  2. I'm not very computer literate but I did find the manual within the computer but could not find anything in the index that would send me to the correct page. Short of find something in the index I'll just have to start at page one and look through the manual.
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