Setting up RAID0 on xps 420 with 2 new seagate hd's

I must be missing a step somehow, and I'm not so tech savvy anyways, but...
I have an '08 dell xps 420, recently installed win7 ultimate x64, have 6GB ram, backed up oem internal to 2tb external, also did windows easy transfer copy to ext, now replacing oem hitachi 750mb internal w 2 1tb seagate barracuda hd's...booting from cd-rom drive works fine, but cannot seem to get raid0 config worked out nor load drivers for drives...what step am I missing??!?
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  1. Here is the manual. It has a section to set the raid up in bios.
  2. get into BIOS, change the HDD settings from IDE/AHCI to RAID mode, during POST you will need to press a key to get into the RAID rom to set up your RAID. Once the RAID is set up then you will need to reimage your win7 install over to the new RAID drive, but typically free imaging software will not be able to do this, so you will either need to purchase a full version of an imaging suite, or reinstall win7 from scratch.
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