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I recently made a website to help with comparing processors and graphics cards. The way that this is different from existing comparison websites is that you can apply more filters and view performance to price ratios. The URL is here:


If you could take a look at it and let me know what you think, that'd be great :)
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  1. How often do the prices get updated for the price vs performance comparison?
  2. For the ones that are available on Newegg, they should be updated daily. Obsolete processors and graphics cards only get updated if they're available on Pricewatch (and the old ones are usually refurbished or used so the pricing data for those is a bit skewed sometimes).
  3. Its interesting. Not sure if anyone would suggest buying a phenom 9750 even though its the highest price/performance ratio.

    Also the GPU side hasnt been updated for 5870 and 5850.
  4. Yeah, Futuremark's being a bit slow on the new ATI cards. It should improve after a week or two.

    Also, if you feel that the processors with the highest perf/price ratio are relatively horsepower-light, you can check "performance takes priority over price" and it will put them higher in the list. Or, just enter a higher minimum rating.
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