What HD DVD Player should I buy

I am getting ready to purchase my first LCD Television.
I have settled on the Samsung LN46A650 due to its 50000 ratio and 120hz refresh rate.
This model is only $1400 and seems like the smartest buy.

I know I will have to get a new HD Directv box to support HD Programming.

So I guess I have to buy a new DVD player of some sort, but I'm confused with Blueray/HD-DVD, etc.

Any suggestions???

Thank you!!!!!!!
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  1. Unless you intend to rent/purchase Blu-Ray movies (HD-DVD is dead), there's no reason to get a player. My standard DVDs look just fine on my HDTV.

    I can't speak to any particular brand or model of Blu-Ray players, but I know a lot of people just use their PS3 for Blu-Ray movies. Some others have opted to add a Blu-Ray drive to their Home Theater PC, which is the way I'm leaning if I ever get an HD projector.

    My personal suggestion would be to not get anything until you think your current DVD player just doesn't hack it anymore.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Some movies if watched at hi-def would look like a TV programs, everything is cleaner and high detail like the one recorded in video cam, but it eliminate the fun of watching it like in the theatre. Some movies like the Transformers on the other hand makes it pleasing to watch in hi-def. I think it’s something to do with the filters used when they make some scene, so standard definition is better on some movies.

    Also some TV will convert standard definition to hi-definition; something you need to check about your tv.
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