Sharp lcd only turns on sometimes...

I have a problem with my tv, any input?

Sharp 32 in. lc-32sb24u

When I push the power button the green power light turns on, and stays on
for about 15 seconds, then my tv makaes sort of a clicking noise and then
another about 10 seconds after the first. then another clicking noise
after another 15 seconds. The whole time the screen stays blank and after
the last click the power light flashes twice, stops. then the power and
opc lights flash simultaneously one time, and immediately after the power
light flashes two times. this sequence stops for about a second and then
it continues. Please any information about dealing with this problem would
help. Is it something small that is wrong? I just dont want to take it to
the tv shop because it is a minimum of $60 to look at the tv. thank you
for your time.
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  1. TV consist of 5 main part.

    1 Display
    2 Tunner
    3 Amplifier
    4 Power and 5 Control unit; I think is the culprit.
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