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Ati raedeon HD3200 graphics

Last response: in Tom's Guide
October 20, 2009 9:25:10 AM

same as the other rv 600+. they are all good.
beware of cooling.
the avivo is always awesome (for me anyway)
I did spot some are hogs and others are not. the 2600 pro is mad hungry,
the 3650 calms down to 110 mhz and .90 volt (I personally have not had that since a rage lt pro)

all ati has a slow dial in to precise fonts, very very sharp screens always...unless you are lcd monitor. (that is a sick game for perfect viewing.) Another slowness is how much card gets used, with the cpu, just regular stuff like browsing. the gpu monitor tells me when it is really synched in. It takes sevral days, and work the heck out of it before then. the sheer amount of transistors, even tho on lower micron, still takes as long as I remember to really notice.

I gave up on nvidia in early 2000s.

and lastly check your exact cards manufacture. I have been on a visiontek kick lately, cuz the coolingis horrible oem and I have gpu cooling gadgets all over the place ready to go.

August 29, 2010 1:20:10 PM

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