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This is an amateur question I'm sure, but I want to add some memory to my system and I am not sure what to buy. I mean, I know which memory I want, but the book that came with my motherboard says that I have to follow a certain configuration having to do with single sided and double sided memory. Does double sided mean that it has those magnet things on both sides? If so, I have never even seen memory that has them only on one side. Both of my 512 peices of memory have them on both side and in order to add another gb of memory I would have to start completely over from what the book says. I can't just add another stick of 1 gb into the 3rd slot. Is this correct or am I misunderstanding something?
The book says this:
SS/DS------DS--------None (or)
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  1. Yes, some motherboards require you to do this.

    Single sided memory has chips on one side (8 chips)
    Double sided memory has chips on both sides (16 chips)

    With your setup, if what you said is true, then you will not be able to use 1GB + 512MB + 512MB sticks of memory.

    You can use a 256MB (8-chip) module to fill in the SS slots.
  2. You really need to get the details from the memory manufacturer, as there are a FEW chips with RAM on one side that have the traces routed to both sides, and vice versa, according to Tom's hardware.

    Yes, some boards have a bank limit, based on various factors including the memory controller on the CPU (A64) or chipset.

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  3. I have your same P4PE board with XMS3200 512Meg sticks in slot one and two for 1Gig and it works fine. I had to change the first CAS state to 2.5 from 2.0 but the rest stayed the same. But did you say MORE than a gig? For what? I'm not sure why I put a Gig in, but I did. Thought it might improve the level size before Half-Life 2 hits the deaded "loading Games". Can't say for sure if this worked because the game got a lot harder and I'm crawling through it now! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it (cost me one hundred bucks, though).

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