S-ata , shall I or not ?

Hi guys,

I've read before in the forum something like this
Currently (performance) ATA100 = ATA133 = SATA 150

So they mean to say that no matter If I choose S-ata over IDE , there will be no speed difference yet?
But later if speedier drive will come out, they will definatly come with S-ATA and no more IDE ??? Am I correct in assuming that??

I currently have 2 Seagates (2MB buffer, 7200 RPM) and they work fine, I had someone tell me that the newer seagate S_ATA (8mb buffer, 7200rpm)are a lot noisier, can you confirm that?

Thank God for this forum ... ^^ ^^

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  1. Eventually drives will be faster, but you have to remember they only double in transfer rate roughly every 5 years!

    Newer SATA drives and controllers support NCQ which can reduce seek times.

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  2. SATA has other advantages such as better cabling, hotswapable, no-master/slave, NCQ.

    And there are already hard drives which are only released in SATA version (WD Raptor).

    However both version are going to be arround for awhile.

    I definately would not buy a motherboard without SATA support and I would think hard before getting an expensive IDE hard drive.
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