Speakers making bad sound....

Hi, i have logitech 5.1 surround sound speakers....and about a week ago they started making sounds like they were blown....but the thing is they all work..it only makes the annoying static noise when my computer is loading something....its more noticeable when playing itunes and trying to load something like a game....any suggestions?
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  1. what soundcard you using?
  2. im not using a sound card im using the ones from the mother board...
  3. it could be interference from the other components especially as it happens when something is loading, i have not heard of such a problem in a long time so i am not sure what you could do.

    wouldn't want to waste your money saying buy a cheap soundcard in case it is not the problem.

    however, the easiest way is elimination, can you connect your speakers to another source or computer and see if the problem exists?

    that way you can isolate if it is the comp or the speakers.
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