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I have a number of windows 7 64 bit dekstops and running ms office 2010 32 bit, I need to add the sp1 for 32bit or 64 bit how would I do this, I downloaded 32 bit sp1 for office 2010 but the updates says no products Installed when in fact I a running office 2010 no sp1?
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  1. I just have mine update via windows updates. In windows update, I think there is a "more options" link or button where you can tell it to include office updates too.
  2. If he's running the standalone installer it shouldn't matter what "Windows Update" settings are.

    If you're sure that it's office 2010 that you have and the x86 standalone installer doesn't see it then all I can really suggets is to download the x64 installer and run that. I have got to say thought, it's unusual to see a 64 bit installation of Office.

    I would also suggest installing WSUS to your server and use that to update your computers.
  3. Are you using the Office from the MS action Pack?
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