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I decided to replace my 19" LG and get a 22" Widescreen,I am between Samsung's 226BW and 2232BW(Pebble).I know about the A,S and C panels issues,does this stand for the Pebble aswell?Or the Pebble has a S panel?I have heard that the Pebble has some bleeding issues and a bad stand.I will be using the monitor for games,movies and surfing.Which one is better?Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. I just got my Samsung 226BW today and its doing awesome, much better than I had expected especially since i got an A panel. Best screen i've ever had. Why don't you try the 226CW? Its a brand new version of the 226 that has better color reproduction/wider color range. Newegg doesn't have it yet, otherwise thats what i would've got.

    Of course with regards to 226 vs 2232 I'm going to recommend the 226. You'll be satisfied.

    ...but, the 226cw is brand new which means there's only one type out there...for now
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