Stupid greed or good business: DVD Plunge Force Studios to Write DVD

people are not buying dvd's?

i bought a gen 1 play and a gen 2 player and movies cost around $20 you could get deals on release week for $15. then they got greedy

blue ray are $25

stupid greedy companies lower the price of blu-ray dvd to $15 and you sell tons and tons

keep them at $25 i just upconvet my rentals

stupid sony blu-ray anti priacy makes hooking up 5.1 computer a super pain and extra $100 for software -- total greed
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  1. The genius of the movie exec's think its this or that!

    It is simple you charge too much - we can afford $25 or $35 - we can afford $15!

    bloomberg says: "DVD usage surpassed VHS cassettes in 2002 and peaked in 2006, when U.S. sales and rentals totaled $24.1 billion, according to Digital Entertainment Group. Now consumers are shifting toward digital services such as Apple Inc.’s iTunes and online movie rentals from Netflix"

    it simple people do not want to get stuck with old tech, the bluray and hd disc war kept us on the side lines. Great bluray won - now lower the prices you idiots we start buying!

    note to studios: people incomes have not gone up, real income in a decade, lower the price back to dvd prices - and see what happens - before its too late. It may be too late as people get comfortable with upconversion.
  2. WoW I'm 17 years old and I remember picking up DVDs for $30-$40! Bluray started at $25 and is down to $20 at some places. $5 extra for great digital sound and picture is not that bad and upconverting DVDs is not exactly the same thing. Blu-Ray for life! Until something better comes out...
  3. see its already too late for me - i got turned off by the price and my upconversion is fine.

    i have 720p 110" projector and 2nd 7.1 set up with a 52" tv

    i guess i am missing out, plus i think i just comfortable stopping at blockbuster 3-4 times a week.

    thx for the input - i could be wrong that is why i made the poll
  4. The money grubbers force regular folks to be Pirates. I agree if prices were fair they would make more money. I wont buy movies in either format because the cost is a rip off. I do however pay $15.00 a month to watch any movie I want any time I want. DvD, or Blu ray.
  5. yes, same with taxes charge 40-50% tax and peeps spend money not to pay taxes - very ineffecient

    max the tax rate at 30-35% then peeps pay taxes

    charge $15 out of the box and lock prices at $15 and you see blu-ray fly off the shelf!

  6. I always say if you sell alot of item for cheap you will make more money then selling a few at steep prices.

    Also if every major cooperation would catch on that more for less was good, we could sell more, and that would create more jobs:)

    Capitalism has taken over and it is headed down a dead end street no matter how many billion the government throws at it.
  7. yes true

    they missed the boat, when hd closed up they should have match prices to dvd's and then blu-ray would have worked. the problem now is everybody has moved on or not focused and new tech may replace it

    sony won the battle and may have lost the war - too high after war tax

    lost 2 in row? beta and h-def
    after war tax = all the stupid marketing they could just gone with a $15 price
  8. Well i think the main problem is the prices of blu-ray players. $300+ at walmart. And all it does is play movies.

    I can build a decent HTPC with blu-ray for like $400ish and it does alot more then play movies.

    The palyers should be sub $100
  9. you get play station for that - i would go playstation for $400 with $15 movies

    for $25-$30 i go blockbuster
  10. Playstation sucks, but its better then a stand alone player.
  11. dido!
  12. The playstation is a great BluRay player.
    Especially when it first came out and all BluRays were $1000+
    Plus it has internet connection in case the BluRay has to update

    We just got that BBC pack. Planet Earth, Galapagos, China and India (all we really watch multiple times to own). Regular movies are too meh for me. I see it once i cant really watch it again.
    But on our new TV it was amazing
  13. I watch Blu Ray from images, no need for a player or a disk.
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