Vista: Realtek 5.1 audio fix

This worked for me, I bought some 5.1 speakers for my computer that uses realtek fro inegrated audio. Surroud nworked fien in XP but when I went to Vista it was all stereo, which was because they removed idr what it is but this audio thign in vista. Anyways I was spendign tiem tryignto fix it and I stumblerd on something. I downloaded the new driver from realtek but I downloaded the ZIP version of it. I then extracted the contents to a folder and opeend up device manager. I went to the audio device and right clicked and went to Update Driver Software. Than "Browse My Computer for Driover Software" and in the address bar I went to the foler I ahd extracted my audio driver, after it updated i had 5.1 again! I have 5.1 in all of my games except for BF2 and su mselect old games that didnt support surround. The orange audio button by the clock was missing but if you open the realtek properties you can re enable it.

I thoguht I might as well share this with ppl who ahd the same problem as me. IDK if it works for everyone but it worked for me.

PS: I used this on Realtek HD Audio, idk if it works for the other codecs. And yes i do have "Speaker Fill" on but I am getting genuine surround, if somethign is behidn me I can tell. I did this primarily because the subwoofer wouldnt work unless i did Stereo, and if i checked off the bonsu options in rwaltek liek Bass Management I woudlnt get sound because it would give me a error. But this fixed it all for me.
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  1. Thank you for posting i know its vista....i almost returned my 5.1
    anyhow this is what i replied for.....can you tell me where you downloaded this "zip" file from please and if possible provide a link because i cant seem to find a working one......
    any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.....
    Thank you in advanced
  2. well if it is a logitech thing i dotn know how to fix it, u coudl try my method. IF it is a realtek thing adn u did a type just go to and search the drivers, when u fidn your codec make sure u DL the ZIP one for your OS
  3. This was sound advice. I did have to completely uninstall my previous sound drivers, but with a reboot the sound came back! Thanks
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