21inch IIyama Vision Master Pro 512. Use with a New Computer?

Hi All,

I currently have a 21inch IIyama Vision Master Pro 512. (HA202DT). I will be building a new computer in a few months which will primarily be used for gaming, watching videos and surfing the internet. I was thinking of buying a LCD, but I am wondering now if I should keep this monitor instead. Even though I've had it for awhile, it works great.

Do you think it's worth keeping?


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  1. Of course! CRTs are better than LCDs in almost every respect.
  2. 5 years later, i'd be happy to purchase it. pm me plz.
  3. No TFT can match the colour quality and accuracy of a top-notch CRT, but if you want to come anywhere close, IPS panel TFTs are your best bet (avoid cheap TN panel displays). Plus sides of TFTs are you'll get better definition and widescreen aspect ratio (ideal for films and TV obviously). And I suppose it saves desk space if you're into storing things behind your monitor! ;-)
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