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Ok, I have a pair of Mission M70s and an old Sony amp (a Super Legato Linear if it helps), which as far as i can tell only has phono connections. I bought a new Dell Inspiron 530 t'other day with a 7.1 sound card and all that jazz.

I'm a student and am currently jobless, so i can't afford to shell out at the moment and i'm not worried about getting 7.1 or anything right now, but i'm wondering if i'll be able to hook up my computer to my amp, or am i going to have to find some old PC speakers somewhere? I just want SOME sound!

Any help?
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  1. you would need a 3.5mm mini jack to rca cable, pretty easy to find and i am doing the same myself, got my pc, cd player and squeezbox and connected to an amp and my spekars.
  2. Yippee! Looks like i'm going shopping then :)

    Thanks muchly!
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