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Hi, I want to sell my laptop. I have used the reinstall disks and updated windows and drivers etc... is there any way I can make windows startup like it did when it was new so it asks the new owner for the computer name, user, password etc..
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  1. If there is nothing on it (you haven't saved any data), just put the password on a piece of paper and put it with the laptop. The new owner user can always change these settings on their own.
  2. Hi.. thats is what i was going to do, but a friend of mine said you can reseal it or something so it was like it was when it was new but he cant remember how. Just thought it would be better if they could set it up for them from the startup.
  3. What your friend is referring to is Sysprep, when the system is rebooted it will run through what M$ call the "OOBE or Out of the Box Experience" basically it will be similar to the setup you went through when your laptop was new, I expect your initial setup was branded by the manufacturer.

    "Reseal" was an option in the XP/2003 version of sysprep.

    I'm assuming you're running 7 as you posted this in the 7 section - Go to Windows > System32 > Sysprep

    On the sysprep dialog box select OOBE and check the generalize box - under the shutdown options select > shutdown - It will do its thing and then shut down, all done.
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