Which is better Logitech X-530 or Creative Inspire T6100

Hi. I decide to buy new surround system, but I don't know which is better Logitech X-530 or Creative Inspire T6100. Is the T6100 subwoofer has a fuller bass and clear sound or X-530. Thanks a lot! :)
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  1. That is your call. What sounds better to me may not sound better to you. As with a display, a speaker should always tried to be previewed in person as different people like different things. I prefer the "punchiness" of a quality JBL while others may prefer the "richness" of a Polk or Boston Acoustics. It's all subjective.
  2. Absolutely - speakers are a very subjective thing. If you can, try to find someplace that has both, and listen. I have a set of Klipsch Promedias as my computer system and like them, but everyone prefers a slightly different sound.
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