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Change Windows update saving file location


I have windows 7 pro 64 oem.
I would like to stop using my ssd divre C:\ to download and store windows update. I would like to download windows update on my mechanical drive e:\

Is there a way to set tup windows so it download and store updates on another drive than c:\ ?

Thanks in advance,
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  2. das_stig said:

    Thanks Das, you are the best!

    I don't mean to be stupid with my question but I sincerely cannot find something on tom shared hardware.
    I am supposed to click on a golden cup to select the best answer and I cannot find it. The email says "click on it"....
    Not sure where is that gold/golden cup

    Bah I get it... you have to be logged in to see the golden cup.

    Thanks a bunch anyway!!!!
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  4. Yeah i followed the advice on that link and the SoftwareDistribution folder in C:\Windows has the little arrow on the left bottom, however how do i confirm that the files are actually stored in the G\ location i set via the junction command and not in c:\? When i right click on c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution it sais location as C:\Windows
  5. Go into G:\ and see if there's a folder of that name in there. If there is, empty it unless the files are dated within the last week - you don't need to keep them. This old thread is going to be closed now so please start a new thread if you need to. You'll get more and better advice that way.
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