Compaq Presario 5000Z-5UVME2 won't boot

I was in the process of re-installing Windows 2000 Pro then... the install process failed, so I shutdown the PC manually.

When I restarted a few minutes later, the monitor didn't give me a "no signal" message, but the power light just kept flashing. The HD power light is on, the fan is running and the cd drive will whirl, but nothing from the monitor.

The PC is an old Presario 5UVME2 with a 40Gb HD, 128MB SDRAM, and a Nvdia Geforce2MX (that I never got it to recognize, so the monitor was plugged into the standard location).

I'm trying to get his old PC of mine up and running so I can dedicate it to the games of it's time (2000-2003).

Any ideas as to the reason it won't boot, even to the Compaq logo?
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  1. If not even the memory counting comes up, and even before that the text line with video chip message, there could be a memory issue. Remove and replace that stick. Your win2000 setup might have de-activated the onboard video, have you tried the other connection, or checked bios settings for the onboard video? (last one not possible I guess, but can you do a bios reset?)
  2. No memory count, nothing at all from the monitor. I attempted with two other sdram memory sticks off a different PC, a 64Mb 100Mhz, and a 256MB 133Mhz. Both were dimm compatible and I tried each one in each of the 3 individual slots.

    No luck.

    Do you know how I could reset the BIOS without monitor confirmation?
  3. I tried every thing I could from that link, and unfortunately nothing worked. The keyboard light thing I hadn't even noticed, but it was only flashing on for a fraction of second then went off.

    I'm thinking that the motherboard or some other important component must have been fried. This computer, which sat and collected dust for over 2 years, isn't even worth the PC repair shop fees for looking at it let alone repairing it.

    So, thanks for the help anyways.
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