Acer 24" flatscreen acting weird, help needed

Hi all :o

I have had my Acer AL2423W 24" flatscreen for about a year and a half now, and I love it. However, it recently started doing the following whenever I turn it on, or whenever it comes out of its hibernation/standby mode:

First, it shows these vertical lines for about 20-30 seconds:

Then, some horizontal lines start showing up, moving up and down the screen at varying speeds for about 20 seconds:

Next, they start to clear up and become more colorful for about 20 seconds:

Finally, this line scrolls from the middle of the screen to the bottom (10 seconds) and the show is over:

After all of this, the monitor is fine until it is turned off or goes into standby mode again.

I looked on the acer site and not surprisingly I couldn't find anything about this. One other thing that may or may not be important is that ever since I got the monitor, it displays a no signal message about once every three months, which I get rid of by turning it on and off. I've tried reconnecting everything, and turning it on and off several times. I'm pretty sure this is a monitor issue, though not positive. Could it have anything to do with any of my other hardware? (I have a Sapphire Radeon X1900 512mb graphics card). Does anyone know what could be causing this problem?

Thanks a lot
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  1. Since you can still find the 24" acer in the stores, I would go buy another one and plug it in. If It fixes the issue, I would put your old one back into the box and return it.
  2. Well that's an idea, but I'm really looking for the cause of the problem. I don't really want to do that lol
  3. bump :S
  4. no one?
  5. Omg.. I'm not alone! This exact same issue is happening to me too. I bought mine back in December of 06 off of newegg. Sadly this monitor is dying, and the longer it is off, the longer it takes for it to gradually develop the picture. Your photos captured what it does pretty well. I think they are under a 3 year warranty with if you register it. You can also buy an extended warranty through acer's site I believe.

    Tomorrow I'm going to call acer and attempt to RMA it. Thank you for posting this, I hope acer support is aware of this issue and will repair/send me back a working model!
  6. I'm getting this problem as well. Definitely a monitor thing, as it does it for 2 different boxes using both inputs. How did you guys get it fixed?
  7. Next time, don't buy an Acer. I have two different models in my home presently. Both ***.

    Edit (to insure it's not perceive that I'm spouting baseless garbage):

    My 22" monitor suffers pixel... ghosting (only term I can come up with), at native resolution, all the time. Where text at the top of my screen seems to possess a distorting outer glow.

    My 19" monitor has vertical bars (about 1 and 1/2 cm's thick) of slightly greater luminescence than the rest of the screen. Most visible when the monitor is displaying black (during boot-up, or when simply displaying my black desktop).
  8. ive got the same monitor and had the same problem, had it for a while now so its not under waruntee, tonight it died completely no picture comes on, so if yours is doing this and you can send it back do it now, mine did it when it was under waruntee and they fixed it, shame its done it again :(, im not going to buy another acer again if this problem happens allot

    This is the SECOND monitor doing this - the first one was RMA'd and they returned a refurb only to have it die after 9 months. I'm not certain if I want to try again. Not having the cash for a new one I was gonna check to see what the repair cost was. :fou:
  10. Just to add a follow up: I RMAd my monitor, they fixed it for me and sent it back, and it is still working 2 years later.
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