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i had recieved my first comp. and tried ocing and everything was fine or so i thought im a newbie and this is my first comp all top end hardware and all hook ups confirmed in bios ive oced at 3.92 and reading no os found. what do i do ? i have gigabyte x58 ud5, 6gb corsair dominater 1600, small asetek water cooler, gtx 275 oced, kingston ssd 64gbx2 that was holding os, and 500gbx2 for other data. please somebody help!
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  1. You should post this question in the Overclocking section:
  2. The bottom line is you are too overclocked at 3.92 unless you are able to make adjustments which are difficult to do unless you are an expert at overclocking - those individuals are few in numbers. I have gig MB ex58-ud4p with i7 920, the safe overclock would be in the area of 3.2 - 3.5. Not sure what your CPU might be, that can make a difference. Read carefully the gig manual and look at the gig website on overclocking and other references.

    Good Luck - Make it happen!
  3. Reset your BIOS

    Make sure your hard drive is the 1st boot device in the BIOS.
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