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ello all,

Thanks in advance for your advice.

I am considering purchasing an HP TouchSmart all in one. There are two upgrades I am considering. I could not find benchmarks for the products and am wondering what kind of performance increase I can expect when running Photoshop.

Intel Core Duo T6400 2.0GHZ 2MB 800 FSB


Intel Core Duo T8400 2.26GHZ 3MB 1066 FSB
(the upgrade would cost $150.00)


256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS HD


512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GS HD
(This upgrade will cost $40.00)

Will the program run say %15 faster?

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  1. Well, the T6400 runs on a FSB of 667 mhz, so overall the P8400 is faster and is worth the extra money. I would spend the extra money and get the 9600m GS GPU too. For the fact that the touchsmarts run off a Laptops motherboard, they are gonna be hard to upgrade in the future so i would advise the upgrades just so they meet your needs in the future.
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