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HELP, somehow I have managed to lose all my system sounds, I am running XP with an onboard NVIDIA soundcard, I've tried all the troubleshooting excercises with no result. If anyone can point me in the right direction i'd apreciate the help, many thanks, Steve
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  1. Check device manager to make sure all the drivers are installed and happy. Make sure it is enabled in the bios if it doesn't appear there.
    What was the last thing you did before this happened?

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  2. i agree...make sure everything else is working fine. i had a similar problem when i used onboard sound. what happened to me is that my scanner shorted out or something (since it draws power over USB, it has occasional start up problems). my scanner must have come before my soundcard in the boot order. since the scanner didn't start properly, the soundcard drivers never loaded and all i got were bleeps and blips. i went into device manager and noticed that it refreshed over and over again. i whittled the problem down to my scanner. i just unplugged the scanner, plugged it back in, and all was well.
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