Sharp 9.75" LCD Salvaged from Old Satellite

I came across a broken Toshiba Satellite T1950 today that I salvaged for parts. My favorite gem is the (now unhoused) LCD screen. However, I don't know how to connect it to common output ports to test if it works. The screen is a Sharp OEM model with two bar codes on the back and three ID strings. Even after a couple of Google searches, I still haven't figured out which one is the model number.

93K04363 N

The unit was made in Japan and measures 9.75 inches across the diagonal.

It has a somewhat complicated connector setup that I don't fully understand. A 20-pin connector (with 2 empty points) had attached directly to the Satellite motherboard, but then branched off into two different bundles before attaching to the LCD components. One bundle ended in a 15-pin connector attached to one circuit board on the LCD, and one bundle ended in a 6-pin connector attached to a different circuit board on the other side. The 6-pin seems to house three extra lines that go back to a 3-pin connector on the first LCD board.

So that means that the motherboard is connected to LCD board one by 15 wires, the motherboard is connected to LCD board two by 3 wires, and boards one and two are connected by 3 wires.

Anyone know what kind of soldering I'll have to do to plug this into a modern GPU?
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  1. Your going to need a LCD controller that matches the bit of the panel so you can connect it via LVDS or VGA. I've never done this just semi familiar with it's application in Mini-ITX formats.

  2. Wow, those are expensive. Ouch.

    Thanks for the info though!
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