Build new XP system w/ SATA CD drive - how?

I'm looking into building a new system and I wanted to go with the Plexstor 712SA with the SATA interface when it occured to me: if you have to add 3rd party SATA drivers for the XP install to recognize the drives, will it be impossible to use a SATA interface CD/DVD drive to even install XP in the first place? Perhaps peripherals are treated differently than hard drives, but at first blush it seems like a chicken and the egg problem.
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  1. I used an IDE in this situation. I haven't found anyother way to get around this.

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  2. Unless you are using the RAID SATA, you probally won't need SATA drivers with XP.
    Some do, some do not.

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  3. If your SATA connector is part of the chipset (i.e.: nForce 3, nForce 4 and not a third party controller like Silicon Image), then window will recognize it without any additional drivers. At least that was my experience.
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