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Hey everyone!

Just wondering if anyone here has successfully ran 2 sound cards in their machine at one time? I've read that some people have done this with no problems, and that it said on a site that the m-audio card was capable of this.

I'm basically building a whole new powerful beast in a week or two. I'm a gamer, love to watch movies, and also love to produce music, so its not an easy setup for me nonetheless. I was thinking of using my computer now (athlon 3500+ 1 gig ram) as a dedicated music box after I upgrade, sticking an m-audio audiophile 192 sound card in it.

It would be great however, if I could somehow have the Creative X-Fi (for games/music/movies) and the M-audio audiophile 192 (for producing) in my new pc though, as it will have A LOT more processing power (e8400/4 gigs of ra.)

I was even looking at the m-audio USB Fast Track Pro as a possible option, plugging it in via usb when I wanted to make music on the new powerful rig, but I read some reviews on it and they weren't very good, not to mention, I don't like the idea of a usb sound card either.

Has anyone tried this sort of suggestive setup before? (2 cards at once) and was it successful? or do you perhaps have other suggestions? I'm also wondering how you hook up headphones to the m-audio? I'm guessing you just need an adapter to split it into 2 plugs?

I was also looking at getting the Seinheisser HD-555 Headphones.. are they any good? I can always get 1 pair for gaming/movies and another one for producing music.

Anyway thanks in advance guys!

Matty B.
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  1. hmm, never tried it but see what you mean. i don't know if you could run them both at once although you could obviously just disable and enable the different cards depending on what you needed.

    as for the senn's, i have the 595's and they are good headphones. maybe a bit lacking bass although that is due to how far the pads keep them from my ears. it depends on how you like your bass though.

    if the 555's are like the 595's they are very comfy, show alot of detail and sound balanced to my newbie ears.
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