problem: Asus P5Gd2-deluxe

memory related problem:

I have put 4 sticks of 1GB DDR2-533 (Samsung original) in the ASUS P5GD2-Deluxe board and the system boots so far, but only registers 3200 MB of addressable RAM.

Any ideas?
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  1. ANSWER:
    Q: When all four memory slots are filled with 1GB of DIMM each, the system will only show 3200 MB of memory instead of 4096MB. Whichever one of the modules is removed, the system will show 3072MB as it should. How could I get 4096MB showed by system with 1GB*4 DIMM installed?

    A: If you install four 1GB memory modules on P5GD2 series (or all the other models), the system may only detect a size between 3GB and 4GB, because of memory allocation for the devices in your system per PCI specificaton

  2. From the explanation I found on Asus web, it's not entirely clear to me.

    I believe 800MB is lost. So adding an additional 1GB is pointless.

    What do you guys think?
  3. I think you are right.

    If the system can only address 4gb of RAM, and 800meg is reserved by the system, then putting in 4gig is a waste.

    Something similar (actually, I think it's the same) to the original 8088/8086's 640k/384k split - 384k reserved by the system for devices leaving 640k for user programs. Besides, no one will ever need more than 640k...

  4. Maybe it's a poorly written BIOS program for the P5GD2 series.

    I am wondering this:
    Since it only reads 3.2GB for 4x 1GB modules.
    What about 3x1GB modules, plus a 512MB stick.
  5. Possibly. Do you get 4gb on any other systems?


    PS: Probably still 3200, but you loose only 300 (rounded) instead of 800.

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  6. yes, Intel boards. 4GB no problem. It's just this particular Asus board that has issues.

    Of course I am using DDRII Samsung original modules. Any problems with this memory brand, means problems with 90% of all memory brands.

    Standard specification. Nothing unusual.
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